How to Rename Theme Name in WordPress Admin Panel

How to Rename WordPress Theme Name

WordPress themes provide you the flexibility to customize your website even if you don’t have any experience of web designing. These WordPress themes usually contain elements such as buttons, fonts, menus and background images, and they change the entire appearance and feel of a blog.

Many bloggers and website owners want to rename their WordPress website theme name to prevent others to know which WordPress theme they are using. WordPress allows you to rename your current theme from the style sheet on the Dashboard screen.

From this tutorial you’ll definitely learn how to change theme name to any custom name you want to use.


Here you will need to follow 10 easy steps; including:

Step 1. First of all, log in to your WordPress Dashboard (Admin Panel). Locate Appearance tab in the left sidebar of the WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Themes sub menu.

Screenshot 1

Step 2. Here you have to deactivate your current theme. Activate an another theme to make your current WordPress theme inactive. To do so click on Activate button available on the block with any other theme available for you.

Screenshot 2

Step 3. Now you need to access your c-panel. Go to File Manager and then click public_html folder.

Screenshot 3

Step 4.Here you will see WP_Content folder. Click on this folder.

Screenshot 4

Step 5. Then click Themes folder.

Screenshot 5

Step 6. Here you will see different Theme folders. Now rename the the folder to your custom name (first theme that you have been deactivate). Then click SAVE.

Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7

Step 7. Return to your WordPress Dashboard (Admin Panel) and navigate to Appearance > Editor tab.

Screenshot 8

Step 8. Select your theme to edit and click on Select button.

Screenshot 9

Step 9. Now open style.css file and change the theme name value to your custom theme name. Save the applied changes.

Screenshot 10

Step 10. Go back to Appearance > Themes tab. Activate your theme. Now you’re DONE!

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