3 Steps to starting an online business from scratch

3 Steps to starting an online business from scratch

How many times have you thought to yourself, I should start an online business? If you’re like most people, you’ve been kicking this idea around in your head for quite some time. But you haven’t committed to it… yet. You might be hesitant about starting an online business because of all the research that goes into it — you want to know your competition and the industry as well as possible before committing to something that can take years to grow and may or may not pan out in the end.

1) Get Your Mindset Right:

Being successful as an entrepreneur takes more than just a solid business idea. It takes dedication, hard work, and a willingness to go all in. If you’re ready for that challenge, here are three steps you can take right now.

Get creative — Think of a problem you’ve faced and how you solved it, or a product that’s currently in your life that could be improved. This will help build your confidence as a business owner and give you insights into how entrepreneurs think.

Take action — The only way you’ll be successful as an entrepreneur is if you get out there and start doing it. Try to dedicate just 15 minutes per day working on your business idea, or make a short list of tasks that can take you one step closer to getting off the ground. Once you’ve got those steps figured out, follow through and do them!

Make a plan — You’ve taken some action and you have a great idea for a business, but now it’s time to put your ideas together and develop a roadmap for how you’ll turn your business idea into reality.

To do that, think about what steps will take you from where you are today to achieving your long-term goal of being successful entrepreneur — and start mapping out exactly how you can get there.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be well on your way to starting a business that has real potential. It might take longer than you thought it would, and there will certainly be some bumps along the way — but if you’re willing to dedicate yourself and remain focused on your goals, being successful is absolutely within reach. It’s time to go for it. Good luck!

2) Choose a Niche:

Figure out what you’re passionate about — not what you think will make you money. Though it’s easy to be cynical about passion (or, even worse, equate passion with obsession), it’s not something that can be manufactured. So don’t try. Instead, do a little soul-searching and discover what you love: When are you happiest? What makes your heart sing? What gives your life meaning?

These are fundamental questions you’ll need to answer because they’ll guide both your timeline and your level of investment in your launch. If you plan on doing all of the work yourself, you’re limited by time — but also by money. You don’t want to run out of cash before breaking even. And if you hire freelancers or employees, you need enough cash on hand to keep them busy — and get paid!

Why online business?

This is one of many questions you’ll need to ask yourself. You’ll also want to think about whether your business will have a brick-and-mortar presence and, if so, where it will be located. It might make sense for you to take advantage of community resources — such as a co-working space, technology incubator or small business support group — that can help you get off on the right foot.

Once you’ve zeroed in on your niche, it’s time to plan for growth. This might seem counterintuitive when you’re just getting started, but it will pay off in spades down the road.

There are also intangible benefits that can accrue when you build your business in a niche — not only will you become known as the expert in your field, but potential clients may flock to you. And when they do, they’ll be ready and willing to buy whatever it is you have for sale. So take some time now to think about how big your business could grow, then start making it happen!

In today’s interconnected world, online business is becoming easier by the day. There are almost limitless resources — some free, some not — that can help you succeed at scale.

Of course, not everyone will be a natural online business owner. If you’re more of a get your hands dirty type of person and hate sitting behind a computer all day, don’t despair! You can still make money selling things on eBay or Etsy, or even as a retail employee. Think about what sort of business would give you fulfillment and keep things interesting; then put in the hard work — and reap your rewards!

That’s it — these easy steps to getting your business up and running! You now have a clear, no-nonsense blueprint for success. The ball is in your court; all you need to do is roll up your sleeves and get started. There are no guarantees in life, but if you follow these steps, you’ll put yourself on a solid path toward prosperity!

You’ve also heard of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, but did you know there are also business-to-government (B2G) companies?

It’s true!

These types of companies exist because public institutions need goods and services. And in some cases, B2G is a better fit than B2C or B2B. Here’s why.

As a B2B or B2C company, you have to set up a system for billing, as well as implement effective marketing. However, in both cases, you also have to convince customers that your product is worth their money. In B2G transactions, however, payment is automatic; there’s no need for direct sales. This makes it easier on you and your business!

For example, if you’re providing a service to another company or government agency, your revenue stream is steady. But if you sell direct to consumers, there’s always a chance that they won’t pay for your goods or services. That risk can be enough of a deterrent for some companies — which is why B2G business is more attractive in many cases.

3) Give Yourself Time:

Don’t expect that, just because you have a great idea, your business will go viral right out of the gate. Building a successful online business takes time. Though there are certainly success stories that defy all odds and reach lofty heights within days (or even hours) of their creation, these aren’t cases in which entrepreneurs simply decided they were ready to quit their day jobs and start earning money through blogging/social media or whatever else it is they do for fun on weekends.

These are cases in which smart, skilled and determined entrepreneurs pour their blood, sweat and tears into their work over weeks, months or even years before they see any tangible results.

It takes time for content to go viral — and it takes even longer for that content’s creator to build a loyal following. This is why it’s so important to set realistic expectations when you start your business.

Don’t expect that you’ll immediately be able to quit your day job and begin raking in thousands of dollars a month, because it just won’t happen.

You might be lucky enough to attract a loyal following of subscribers, or maybe you’ll see organic search traffic pour in. If you do, congratulations! Use that momentum to keep moving forward. But don’t expect results overnight — at least not at first.

If you’re setting out to create a successful online business, be realistic about how long it will take you. As with any entrepreneurial venture, expect that there will be ups and downs, peaks and valleys.

You’ll feel excited one moment and discouraged in another. But when it comes down to it, your attitude is what will determine whether or not you ultimately succeed at building your dream business.


In conclusion, I hope that you have learned a thing or two about starting an online business. The most important piece of advice I can give is one that cannot be found in these three steps. It’s experience. Start small, learn along the way and develop your own knowledge base that will help guide you through any future endeavors. Good luck!



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