How to claim a website on Pinterest [Get verified on Pinterest]

How to Claim A Website on Pinterest [Get Verified on Pinterest]

It is very likely that you are well acquainted with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But are you as familiar with Pinterest as you are with other social media platforms? If not then this article is really for you GUYS!!


Pinterest is a visual search engine which allows people to share their creative ideas through Pins and Boards.

According to Hootsuite, Pinterest is the 14th biggest social media network around the world and now it has about 459 million monthly active users. Now you can imagine that how Pinterest can be a boon in giving exposure to your business.

If you’re running a business, then you can also use Pinterest Business account. It provides lot of options to track your audience such as analytics, demographics, impressions and engagements. You can also track which Pinterest pins are performing well, how many people are saving your pins, how many people are redirecting to your website by clicking on the destination URL and much more..


If you claim your website on Pinterest, it will have following benefits:

  • You will be able to see how Pinterest Pins from your website are performing.
  • You can enable Pinterest Rich Pins to add more info and a CTA (Call-to-Action) to your Pins.
  • People will be able to click on your website URL from your profile.
  • In addition, your profile picture will be added to all Pinterest Pins from your site – even those shared by others.


Many bloggers and entrepreneurs do not know how to verify a website on Pinterest. So in this blog post, you will know how to claim a website on Pinterest step-by-step. Let’s JUMP IN!!

First of all, you have to login to your Pinterest account and if you do not have a Pinterest account, create one.

Pinterest-Login or Sign Up Form

Now at the top right-most corner you will see an option “Settings” as shown in the below image.


Once you click “Settings” an interface something like shown in the below image will be visible to you. Now you have to click on “Claim” button.


When you click “Claim” button, an option of “Website Claim” will be shown. (See the below image for reference).

Pinterest-Settings-Website Claim

When you click this option, it will take you to another step. Here, it will ask you to verify your property. In simple words, in this step you have to verify that you are an owner of this website that you want to claim. It will give you three options to verify ownership:

  • Add HTML Tag
  • Upload HTML File
  • Add TXT Record
Pinterest-Choose How Yo Want To Claim A Website

Here, we will choose first option “Add HTML Tag” and proceed further. Now we have to copy this HTML tag as shown shown in the box (first option).

Now go to your website and open HTML file and paste this HTML tag between <head> and </head> as shown in the image below. And click “Save”

How to Get Verified on Pinterest

Now go back to Pinterest dashboard, enter you website URL (root domain) and click “Verify” (see the below image for reference).

How to Claim A Website on Pinterest

Once you click on “Verify” it will take some time to get your Pinterest account verified.


Now you must have come to know what is Pinterest, why you should claim a website on Pinterest and how you can claim a website on Pinterest. Hope, this article will help to get your website verified on Pinterest.

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