How to Make a Transparent Logo or Design in Minutes?

How to Make a Transparent Logo

If you’re going to start a business then a website can give more exposure to your newly business. In this situation, it is very necessary to have some basic knowledge about website basics. In this sequence, when it comes to a transparent logo design, it can be a very difficult task for you to make the background of your logo fully transparent.

But just take a chill pill. In this article, we will teach you how to create a logo transparent STEP-BY-STEP. So, lets jump-in!


Just follow these 8 easy steps to make your logo transparent:

STEP 1. To make your logo transparent, first, go to your browser and open a website, called:

STEP 2. Go to Open (CTR+O) under the FILE option available in the left hand side.

Step 3. Now open your desired file or logo you want to make transparent.

Step 4. Now in the left side of this website, an option of magic wand will be seen. Just make the right click under this option and choose the fist option “MAGIC WAND”.

STEP 5. After selecting this option, click on the image you have uploaded for a transparent background design.

STEP 6. Click on the uploaded picture and press DELETE. Click everywhere you want to make it transparent.

STEP 7. Go to File and select EXPORT TO option and then select PNG (you can also choose other options such as jpg).

STEP 8. Click SAVE button. Now its done and ready to download.

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