How to reactivate a suspended Pinterest account (step-by-step guide)

How to Reactivate A Suspended Pinterest Account (Step By Step)

Is your Pinterest account suspended? And, you want to activate it again? So you have landed at the right place. In this article, you will learn how to reactivate your Pinterest account step-by-step. So, let’s JUMP — IN!


To reactivate your suspended Pinterest account again, first you need to visit the Pinterest Contact Page, it looks like shown in the image below.

Pinterest Contact Page

After visiting this page, you will see a lot of options. But you just need to go with the first option “Account Access and Closure”. Under this option, you will see an option “Reactivate Account”. Select this option and click on “Continue” (see the below image).

Pinterest-Reactivate Account

When you proceed further, it will redirect you to an another page as shown in the image below. Now it will ask you to submit your:

  • First and last name
  • Username; and
  • Email address
Pinterest-Reactivate Account-Submit Details

Now, you have to submit your first and last name, username of the account that you’re trying to reactivate and the email address connected to that particular Pinterest account.

Then, it will ask if you have access to this email address. If you have access to this email address, select “YES” and if you don’t have the access then select “NO” and submit an alternative email address (see the below image for reference).

Now click on “Continue”.

Pinterest-Reactivate Account-Email Submission

After this, it will ask you to describe the issue you are facing while logging—into your Pinterest account as shown below.

Pinterest-Reactivate Account-Describe the Issue

Here, you have to brief the problem you’re facing with your Pinterest account. Then, click on “Continue”. Once you click continue, you will be redirected to further steps (see the below screenshot).

Pinterest-Reactivate Account

Here; it will ask you something about your device that you’re currently using. Choose the right one and click on “Continue” to go further.

Now it will ask more questions like — “Did You Get An Error Message”. Select the first one “Yes, I Got An Error Message”.

This step is optional, but if you got an error message then write it up in the message box and then click “Continue”.

Pinterest-Reactivate Account-Write the Error Message

When you proceed further, it will ask you to attach the screenshot of error showing while logging into your Pinterest account. Take a screenshot and attach with it. Then Click on “Continue”.

Pinterest Error Screenshot Submission

Now; it will let you to review all the submitted details. Review all details and if they look good then click on “Submit” and you’re all set!!

How to Reactivate My Pinterest Account

As soon as you submit details, an email will be sent to your email ID which looks something like shown in the image below.

Pinterest-Reactivate Email Screenshot

Here’ your work has finished. Now, Pinterest team will review your account and if all goes well they will re-activate it again. The process may take upto 7-10 days.


Now you have come to know how to reactivate your Pinterest account step-by-step. Still if you have any question or suggestion, please let us know.

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